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What We Do

After you have got in touch we would generally look to see if an appointment is required, this can be over the phone or we can come and meet you at your home or at a local coffee shop of your convenience, whatever suits best with you really.  We may also have a premises for meeting clients face to face in the future too, so please watch this space.

Initial Meeting

After disclosing details of our services to you and confirming requirements of data protection we would look to complete a fact find to understand current and future circumstances and understand your needs and requirements to help us consider what is most suitable.  This is where we will ultimately look to find out what type of mortgage scheme is going to work best for you and where you can ask about the different types of mortgage available and so a two way conversation about the suitability of different mortgages for you.  This can be as in depth as is needed to ensure your considerations are met.  Our theory is that no question is viewed in any other way than as to be answered as helpfully as possible and we except that all people have differing levels of knowledge when it comes to financial advice and specific mortgage criteria.


We will, based on the completed fact find and importance of your requirements, research the market so we can advise what we would recommend and if a required agreement in principal is sought this can be provided too.


When you have then found the property we will move to recommend the mortgage based on the property and the fact find and research already done.  We can also help recommend a local solicitor that will work closely with you.


If you are happy with our recommendation we will complete the application to the mortgage lender on your behalf.


We will package all the required documents for the lender so they are correctly submitted to them.


We will pursue the lender in order to ensure they move to agree the application as soon as possible and so the survey is instructed and after this that the all important ‘mortgage offer’ is sent out to you and your solicitor so you know you can proceed.

Stay in touch

With you until completion and so help with any matters you require assistance with to hopefully help the smoothest process.  This will involve liaising with you, the agent and the solicitor and so you have one main point of contact.