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Mortgage Advice

Although many may view a mortgage simply as a means of being able to complete the transaction of buying their home or rental property, it should always be realised too, that a mortgage can be and often is a complex financial product and getting it right considering the investment you are making and commitment to be taken, that its suitable in all aspects.  It is this ethos that is central at Pinkstone.

Traditionally people who looked to obtain a mortgage would arrange a meeting with their building society manager…how times have changed!  Mortgage acquisition as you may have already known, reached it peak in the era 2005-2007 where mortgages could be obtained more easily and from more lenders and via varying sources and perhaps for borrowers who shouldn’t have borrowed.  Markets do rise and fall but what we have now is a more mature market and responsibility to lend more carefully has rightly been addressed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)* and all those associated with the mortgage market.

You still have the ability to go direct to the bank or building society to obtain a mortgage, after all they are the lenders but they will only be able to offer their own mortgages and not advise on any more of the market.  You may be able to go or be invited to speak with the broker at the local estate agent, many of these though are tied to a panel of mortgage lenders or perhaps tied more preferably to helping the agents vendors secure a buyer, to get the deal done and the property marked as sold.  We however work only for you, whether you are the vendor moving on, the first time buyer, the investor looking for a new rental or the established client needing advice on a new deal, we offer a comprehensive  service looking at a range of lenders from across the market for the most suitable product to suit your needs.

We work constructively with all the local estate agents and so that when you speak with them about properties you are interested in and they ask you about your price range and what advice you have had and you mention you are dealing with us, they will know you are a serious buyer, one that their vendors would be very pleased to have interested in their property.  This is without feeling any obligation to involve your finances with an in-house service that may be on offer.

Ensuring the advice is right and you are in the best financial position whether you be a First Time Buyer, Making that next Move, Considering a Buy to Let investment.  We are interested in the mortgage and the advice to ensure its right and so importantly that you are making the right decision and so helping you find and keep that dream house.  That makes you the best buyer an agent could wish for.

Getting the deal done on the price agreed for the house and getting the mortgage agreed are clearly very interlinked but they should not be considered the same transaction.  Two very different deals, one is a price and one is a financial product enabling that purchase price.

Alternatively to getting advice, you can also choose to take no advice and so if you are confident and trusting in your own judgment, knowledge and understanding, you may obtain a mortgage by what is called ‘execution only’, this involves asking no questions and so seeking no advice.  Advice that protects you if anything went wrong.  This is not a service we facilitate but we like our clients to be fully aware of their options.

What we know at Pinkstone, is that the mortgage is your product and involves your financial and personal circumstances to obtain it.  Getting the right professional financial advice first puts you in the strongest position when contemplating the investment of entering the property market and staying in it.

At Pinkstone we are a professional service offering Mortgage Advice in Chorlton & Whalley Range and Didsbury & The Heatons.  In fact right across South Manchester.  Contact us from the website or call: 0161 870 8024.

*(The FCA does not regulate estate agency and some forms of buy to let mortgages).

Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

First Time Buyers: A classification of people who are looking to buy or are in the process of buying their first property

Buy to Let: A classification for a certain type of property or type of property purchase where the property is let to a tenant or tenants or is planned to be let out to a tenant or tenants for a financial return of rental income

Solicitors: Are legal practitioners who deal with legal matters and relevant to property transactions they are known as conveyancers – those who specialise in the legal aspects of buying and selling property