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With the mortgage advised on and now arranged it is of course important to consider more deeply the commitment you are taking on and all for the property that you may want to call your home for the foreseeable future, your mortgage is the product that has made it possible.

But let’s think, is it the mortgage that has made it actually possible…or is it you?  It is of course the income earner, the borrower that has determined the lenders decision.  Without you there would be no mortgage and so if you or your family are without your income or all your income or without you at all, circumstances would be very different and the home and the mortgage would not even have been such considerations.

Having made such an important decision to invest in property and to make that investment yours or your family’s home, it is as essential to ensure that any risks are minimised and that is why at Pinkstone we will always in the initial meeting ask you to consider; what is in place, what isn’t in place, what would you want to happen and what is important to you.

Once you have given such questions some thought we are able to advise you on the protection that is suitable to protect any needs, so that your requirements can be met in the unfortunate events that life can often throw anyone’s way.  Let’s not deny that although we hope they wont, they can happen to anyone and unfortunately at any time, redundancy,  an accident, long term incapacity, a critical illness or even death.  At the time of being committed to a mortgage of course there wouldn’t be a worse time.

So we are able to advise you on products which include Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection, Accident, Sickness and Redundancy Cover and also Buildings and Contents cover for the property, all from a carefully selected panel of leading providers. For ‘Accident, Sickness and Unemployment’ plans we act as introducers only.

We understand that the mortgage in many cases is the main need, getting it paid off as soon as possible whilst remaining affordable is essential.  We also understand that whilst this is ensuring yours and your family’s future in buying the home, keeping all risks protected especially whilst you are committed to the mortgage is also essential.
That is why we will also offer to review the protection of your mortgage and you personally when you speak with us.  If it’s not reviewed at this point it is likely it might never be properly reviewed and that puts all you have done at risk.  At Pinkstone we want to and are happy to minimise your risk and advise how you can stay protected in your home.