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What We Do

After you have got in touch we would generally look to see if an appointment is required, this can be over the phone or we can come and meet you at your home or at a local coffee shop of your convenience, whatever suits best with you really.  We may also have a premises for… View ArticleRead More

Mortgage Advice

Although many may view a mortgage simply as a means of being able to complete the transaction of buying their home or rental property, it should always be realised too, that a mortgage can be and often is a complex financial product and getting it right considering the investment you are making and commitment to… View ArticleRead More


With the mortgage advised on and now arranged it is of course important to consider more deeply the commitment you are taking on and all for the property that you may want to call your home for the foreseeable future, your mortgage is the product that has made it possible. But let’s think, is it… View ArticleRead More

Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)

Treating customers fairly (TCF) remains central to the Financial Conduct Authority’s expectations of a firms’ conduct. That firms put the well-being of customers at the heart of how they run their businesses. TCF, with its focus on consumer outcomes, is central at Pinkstone, in ensuring a fair deal for consumers. Whatever the economic and financial… View ArticleRead More